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Since 2005 / Art Sense Academy-owner

Professor: The University of Suwon / Full Time (Seoul, Korea-1992~2000)

College lecturer: Hongik University, SungSin University, Mokwon University,
                                SungKyunKwan University, KyungKi University



1990- 2000 (Seoul, Korea)

Koyang City / Kangdong City / Suwon City / Kwangmyung City /
Yeauwang City / KyungGiDo City / Buchun City / Winter Universiad Tournament/
Korean Art Culture Center / State Railway / YMCA Suwon /
The Korean Horse Affairs Association /
The Korean Amateur Sports & Culture Association / Other
Visual Communication, Environmental Graphic Design


Spring 1988- February 1989

Pratt School of Art and Design (New York) Visual Communication (M.S. Degree)

Thesis: Urban Art Interface with Urban Environmental Graphic Design

June 1985- January 1987

California State University (Los Angeles) Graphic Design (M.F.A. Course)

June 1984- May 1985

Art Center College of Design (Pasadena) Graphic Design and Package Design...Course

March 1968- February 1975

Hong Ik University (Seoul, Korea) Visual Communication (B.A. Degree)

Urban Environment Park Design (August 2009-Kwangmoonkag)

Urban Environmental Design and Sign Design / In Process (MiJinSa Co., Ltd)-May 2005

Urban Environmental Design and Mural (MiJinSa Co., Ltd)-May 2003

Urban Environmental & Street Furniture Design (MiJinSa Co., Ltd)-January 2000

Beautiful Barrier-Life Environment Design (Hankook Book, Co.)-June 1999

Urban Environmental & Open Space Design (MiJinSa Co., Ltd)-April 1999

Urban Environmental & Street Ahead (MiJinSa Co., Ltd)-December 1997

Understanding Symbol Design (Yekyung Co., Ltd)-September 1996

Urban Environmental Graphic Design (MiJinSa Co., Ltd)-May 1992

Art Colleges of the United States of America(AD Media)-2012


2016 Paintings - Outside In (7.16 - 9.4.2016 / Bergamont Station, Santa Monica)

2015 Paintings - 2 X 2 INCH (5.3 ~ 5.31 / LA Artcore Gallery at the Union Center for the Arts)

2015 Paintings - Exhibition (1.2 ~ 1.29 / LA Artcore Gallery at the Union Center for the Arts)

2014 Paintings - Outside In (7.19 - 8.31 / Bergamont Station, Santa Monica)

2012 Paintings - Chang-sal / 2x2 inch (1.2~28 / LA Artcore Gallery at the Union Center for the Arts)

2011 Paintings - Sound of Nature Series (6.17~23 / Western Gallery)

2009 Paintings - Sound of Nature Series (11.4~29 / LA Artcore Gallery at the Union Center for the Arts)

2009 Paintings - Sound of Nature (5.13~26 / Lee & Lee Gallery)

2006 Paintings - Nature (7.28~8.11 / Lee & Lee Gallery)

1997 Poster Design for the Environment (Woony Art Gallery)

1971 Poster Design-Humen (Chuncheon City Hall)


2012 8.7~20 "Leading Ton" Exhibition/ Parkview Gallery

2012 8.2~18 "esperanza" Group Exhibition/ Gallery LS

2012 7.13~27 The 13th Annual Exhibition-HongIk University/ Parkview Gallery

2000 The 3th "Yangchun Artist Asso." Exhibition/ Yangchun Art Center

1998 6.30~7.14 "korean Image Exhibition"/ France, Pari

1997 7.7~13 "Korean Image Victoria Exhibition"/ Canada

1996 3.22~30 The 3th "Seoul, Asia Graphic Poster" Exhibition/ Seoul Art Hall

1996 7.26~28 The 11th"Korean, China Design" Exhibition/ China

1996 7.12~17 "'96Korean Image" Exhibition/ Newseland

1996 2.14~16 "'96 Graphic Art Poster" Exhibition/ Japen

1996 2.2 "Oriental painting, Design, Ceramic" Exhibition/ Woonni Art Gallery

1995 8.18~24 "'95 Korean Image" Exhibition/ Uzbekistan

1995 5.30~6.4 The 68th "Korean Modern Design Asso." Exhibition/Seoul Inderstrial Center

1994 8.12~26 "'94 Korean Image" Exhubition/ LA Culture Center


2016 "Lois Lambert Gallery T-Shirt Give Away"

2015 "Park at La Brea" event

2015 "HiTeen Korea Contest" by Radio Korea event

2013 "Sharing Together" event

2013 "Happy Together" event

2012 Korean KKL "Living Together" event


2012 KTLA-5 News Team/ 2" Block

2012 Olivier Campergue/ POP Portrait

2012 Eric Garcetti/ POP Portrait

2011 Korea Herald Business/ 2" Painting

2011 The Korea Daily-JoongAng Ilbo/ 2" Painting

2011 Good Neighbors/ 2" Block Painting

2010 Radiokorea/ Oriental Painting

2010 Korea Times/ Oriental Painting

2009 LA Artcore Brewery Annex/ POP Portrait

2008 Radio Korea- Quiz Bowl/ Painting

2006 John Muir Elementary School/ Water color

2006 Roosevelt Midde School/ Water color


"World Tower & EXPO"- Jungdoilbo, News Paper-June 1993

The 9th Summer, Student- Design Seminar:"Urban Environmental Graphic Design"(Hongik University)-July 1993

"World Expo, Mascot & Symbol Design"- Jungdoilbo, News Paper-November 1993

"Urban Environmental and Open space"- Jungdoilbo, News Paper-January 1994

"Urban and Street Environmental Design"- Jungdo Focus, Magazine-February 1994

"Rose bowl parade"- Jungdoilbo, News Paper-March 12, 1994

"Park Design and Educational"- Ilgan sport, News Paper-March 1994

"Urban Environmental and Design"- Dongbang, Magazine-May 1994

"Urban Environmental and Children playground"- Jungdo, Magazine-November 1994

"The world, Urban Environmental Design"- Cosma, Magazine-December 16, 1995

"Buchun, Beautiful City and artist actebity" Seminar- Buchun City-May 1997

"21 Centure, Culture of City and Urban Environmental Design"- Korean Culture Center-May 15, 1997

"Urban Traffic and Street Environment"- Korean Culture Asso.-June 1, 1997

"Urban Environmental Design and Life of Future"- Korean Culture Asso.-May 17, 1998

"Urban Environmental Design"- Design House, Magazine-March 11, 1999

"Urban Environmental Design for Image"- Hankookil, New Paper-August 15, 1999

"City of Culture and Environmental Design"- City Culture Asso.-September 15, 1999

"City of Culture and Street Environmental Design"- City Culture Asso.-October 1999

"Urban Environmental and Street Furniture Design"- Environment & Landscape, Magazine-November 1,1999

"City of Culture and Open Space Design"- City Culture Asso.-April 15, 2003

"City of Color Planning"- Korong, Magazine-June 1, 2003

"Art and Children Education"- Joongangilbo, News Paper-December 12, 2003

"Children IQ and EQ"- Sport Seoul, U.S.A., News Paper-August 12, 2003

"Design and Art Education"- Joongangilbo, News Paper-October 7, 2003

"Art Education and Hi-Tect Age"- Joongangilbo, News Paper-October 7, 2003

"American Education and Home Education"- Joongangilbo, News Paper-November 11, 2003

"Professional Artist"- Joongangilbo, News Paper-February 7, 2004


March 1957 - June 1978 Republic of Monopoly- Seoul,Korea (Design Section-Director)

January 1979-April 1981, AD- IV Design Co. (Designer)

June 1981-1991, Top Design Co. (Owner)

February 1988-January 1989, Carre Noir Inc. (Designer)

June 1969, The 4 th Industrial Arts in Seoul, Korea- Competition / Special Prize

December 1973, The 9 th Industrial Arts in Seoul, Korea- Competition / Special Prize

January 1974, The 10 th Industrial Arts in Seoul, Korea- Competition / Idea Award

August 1976, Bucksan group / Symbol Mark Design

March 1986, LA Times,Design Section / Free Lancer

July 1989, "Logotype for Biodegradable Productes" Research

October 1989, "Urban Environmental Design and Signage Graphic Design" Research

March 1990, Tajon City "Urban Environmental Graphic Design" Research


2012. 7 Ceragem / "CELLUPEDIC" BI Works & Sign systems design 


Kobawoo Restaurant / B.I. Works, Environmental Graphic Design

Songwon Co. / B.I. Works

Rolling Sushi Inc. / B.I., Interior

Wooraok Shopping Mall / Wall Graphics

Oct. 15~21.2004 The 6th Exhibition of HongIk Alumi-LA


Kwang Ju, 5.18 Anniversary / Monument Project

Kang Dong Gu / City Environmental Design

Kang Dong Gu City / Culture House Project

Inchun City / Street Environmental Design

KwangMyung City / Monument Project

Kang Dong Gu / SinIkHee Bronze statue


Hwang Sung City / Bong Dam Myung 4-H Monument

Hwang Medical / CIP Work, Environmental Graphic Design

Hwang Sung City / Memorial Tower and Monument Project

Seoul City / Sea Jong King Monument Project


The Road to World Master Planning- Muju City

Muju City of Park / Monument & C.I., Environmental Graphic Design

Sue So Mon Park / Monument & Sculpture project


South Seoul University / CIP Works

Kang Reung University / CIP Works

Daerook Plaza / Signning Graphics

Unimax Co. / Signnin Graphics

Woman Power Magazin / Logo & Design

Amex Trans World Inc. / Symbol Design, Signning Graphics

Walnut Plastics / Signning Graphics

Souper Green Restaurant / Signning Graphics

The Ocean Museum-S. Korea / C.I., Environmental Graphic Design

Bun Dan City, Seoul / Apartment Wall Color


Sumo Sushi / Signning Graphics

CAL. Institute / Symbol Design, Graphic Design

El Pollo Matador / Signning Graphics

Exexcutive Deli / Signning Graphics

Western Auto Leasing / Signning Graphics

Optical Italee / Sign Systems Design

Amorean Cosmetics / Signning Graphics

Han Kook Motors Inc. / CIP Works

Vermont Chevrolet Inc. / Signning Graphics

Woony Art / B.I. Works

Seahan Bank / Signning Graphics

SPI Management / Signning Graphics

Hanil Bank / Signning Graphics

Tajon City / Environmental Graphic Design

'93 Tajon EXPO Master Planning-Team, Tajon Pavilion Environmental Graphic Design


U.S. Design / Logo Design

Lucky Department / Signning Graphics

Centure 21 Best Real Estate / Sign Systems

Hi- Top Fashion / Signning Graphics

Wilshire Office Building / Signning Graphics

Valley Medical Care / Symbol Design, Signning Graphics

Air Control Co. / Symbol Design

Magic Clock Co. / Symbol Design, Packaging Design

Art Street Book / Cover Design


Bestronic / Signning Graphics

Petes Auto / Signning Graphics

Bryan Lee Music / Signning Graphics, Environmental Design

Photo Studio / Signning Graphics

MM Furniture / Signning Graphics

Western Bowl / Signning Graphics

Apple House / Symbol Design


Subin Jang Restaurant / Symbol Design, Signning

3RD. Street Cafe / Signning Graphics

Olympic Plaza / Signning Graphics

P.K. Leasing Inc. / Symbol Design, Advertising Design

Asia Society / CIP Works


La Quintessa / Environmental Graphic Design

Han Jin Auto / Environmental Graphic Design

Andrew Shire Gallery / Symbol Design, Environmental Design

Sashas Cosmetics / Signning, Packaging Design


C.I.R. Investment Co. / Environmental Design, Sign Systems

New World. / Symbol Design, Signage

KMBC TV / Graphic Design, Sign Systems

Alpha Insurance. / Symbol Design, Advertising Design

East West Super Market / Environmental Design, Sign Systems

BIF Furniture / Signning

Yucca Plaza / Sign Design, Environmental Design


Cosmos Center / Signage & Graphics Design

Western Wedding Place / Logo Design, Sign Design

Sammyung International Co. / Logo Design

P.E.S. Exclusive Co. / Logo Design, Product Design

Angeles Bakery / Sign Design, Packaging Design

Mobile Resource System Inc. / Environmental Design

Koam Co. / Advertising Design

Coconut Candy / Packaging Design

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